Football Conditioning Drills for the Spring Training Season

Spring is here and that means time to get some serious football conditioning drills going, but before you undertake any training or conditioning drills always consult with your doctor first and get an up to date physical to make sure you are healthy for training and the up coming football season.

I realize I’m in the minority here, but, I’ve always loved conditioning. I can still vividly remember being out on the track or in the field after every weight room session…or in the morning…I don’t know why, but I understood early-on that conditioning football conditioning drills makes one hell of a difference. Those who can play in the 4th like they did in the 1st usually win.

Especially when I first started playing, since my skills were…ummm lacking 😉

I would simply outlast guys. Then, as I became stronger and a better player, the difference in the second half was dramatic. Even to this day, I prepare to be a second-half player and train our guys to do the same. (This past season, we won at LEAST 3 games simply because we were much better conditioned and fresher in the 4th quarter)

So, as the spring comes along, I want to give you guys some of my favorite conditioning drills. Of the 4, one can be done in the weight room, the other 3 on the field. If you get rained in, go with the Swing/Overhead Squat/Overhead Lunge combo.

1. Prowler Drives

This is pretty simple and there are a few variations you can use to spice this conditioning exercise up.

Load a prowler or sled to a fairly heavy weight. Get a fit and drive it…5 – 10yds is sufficient. Rest 15 – 25seconds, repeat. Go for 7 – 10 total reps.

You can also do the Drive and Sprint which is excellent for Offensive and Defensive Linemen, Linebackers and Backs.

Same thing as the regular drive except this time you drive, make a move (like a quick Swim) and sprint to the ball carrier. It helps to have a partner but, if not, just imagine it.

So, you might drive for 5-yds, swim, shuffle for 5 then sprint laterally for 5. That’s one rep.

BTW, if you don’t have a Prowler, a cheap alternative is to go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy the top part of a wheel barrow. This will run you about $20 – 40, depending on the size. Load it with weight and push it on grass. …Not perfect, but it’ll get the job done.

football conditioning drills cheap sled

This makes a cheap alternative to a Prowler

2. Dumbbell or Kettlebell Swing, Overhead Squat, Overhead Lunge

Football Conditioning Drills – Swing, Overhead Squat, Lunge

This is a pretty non-traditional conditioning drill for football, but, it’s a great way to condition if the weather is keeping your inside.

3. Farmer’s Walk Relay

This drill is simple…grab two heavy dumbbells or farmer’s walk bars, farry them 20-yards, then put them down and go right into a sled push. It’s old-school and effective…it’s more of a builder of mental toughness than anything else, but, mental toughness goes a long, long way to making your a better football player.

Football Conditioning Workouts: Prowler Drives

4. Game Conditioning

This is perhaps the best form of football conditioning there is.

Nothing beats getting into true football shape like playing football. Now, it’s obviously not possible to play all year. But, it is possible to simulate a game.

Here’s what you’ll do…

3 – 5 sets of 10 “sprints.” But, these are not just the same old mindless sprints…they are position specific and work your skills as well as your lungs.

So, if you’re a WR, you’d line up and do:

10yd Out

15yd Post

5yd In

40 Go

15 Drag

12 Hitch

40yd Go

7yd Slant

20yd Stop

10yd Out

30yd PK

It helps to have someone throw you the ball on each route.

Linemen, take your steps, pull, and run. D-line, explode and go find the ball…every position can use this to get into amazing game shape.